Norfolk Lab Rules and Guidelines for joining and participating in Norfolk Lab and related WhatsApp Groups

The following rules aim to ensure that the Norfolk Lab and Norfolk Lab Chats is a safe, supportive and horny-as-fuck place to chat. This is an evolving list and we welcome feedback on, and additions to it. Any list member has the right to pick up another member on their flouting of these guidelines. We encourage self-policing. So get your truncheons out boys and get them up each others’ bums!

  1. Norfolk Lab (NLab)
    • Norfolk Lab (NLab) is an informal self-organising group.
    • It is a simple fun loving group of like minded people with a wide range of members from all backgrounds, ages, shapes and sizes. None of these are barriers.
    • To join you must go through our online Gateway, agree to our rules, supply relivant information, be a nice person and be respectful at all times.
    • It does not collect fees for ‘membership’.
  2. NLab does not tolerate discrimination in any form. Racism, sexism, ageism, discriminatory remarks based on religion, sexuality, nationality, culture will all be causes for warning and potential banning.
  3. Membership 
    • All members need to complete our Gateway validation process.
    • We ask to see a government issued photo ID to verify your age and details.
    • We store your number, WhatsApp name, full name and address in a private members list.
    • You agree to these details being held and used to support events entry and which can be passed to authorities if legally required.
    • The private members list is secured on a password USB device. No original documents are retained.
    • You can attend NLab event up to a maximum of 3 times as a guest of a member.
    • You can request to be removed at anytime by emailing but if no longer on the list you’ll not be able to join chat groups or attend NLab events.
    • NLab has the right to revoke membership without reason.
  4. Events (private parties)
    • Members can bring guests with them to an Event
    • Guests will need to have ID verified at the Event. These will be recorded on the attendance sheet.
    • Guests can attend upto 3 times then they have to join NLab.
    • Membership has to be validated 24 hours before an event.
  5. Whatsapp groups
    1. Individuals who sign up for the Whatsapp groups should be aware that their telephone number and any images in their profile will be visible to all members in the group.
    2. If you’re lurking in a group chat and ‘seeing’ every message, occasionally respond with something to remove the stalker vibe that inevitably develops.
    3. Signing up to the groups is a conscious action that gives active consent to all of the guidelines below.
      • Consent is an important concept in NLab.
      • Non-consensual behaviour will not be tolerated. You submit to these guidelines willingly, or stay away until you have the balls to join us.
    4. You may leave the groups voluntarily at any time. You may also rejoin the groups at any time, but be subject to the current joining rules.
      • Note that constant leaving and rejoining is considered undesirable behaviour by more consistent members and is unlikely to get you a shag.
    5. If you have been removed by an Admin for guideline/rule infringement, you cannot rejoin with the same phone number. If you have been removed from the group with one telephone number and attempt to rejoin with another, you will be removed again without hesitation because you are clearly a sneaky cunt and we don’t want you in the group.
    6. The Admin Team (currently: Nike, Mary, Shane, Francis, Rob, Anthony and Sporran) have final decision making powers in all cases. Admin positions are voluntary (and thankless!) , most often assigned by invitation from other Admins on a needs basis. Admins are a collaborative control structure that make decisions in the best interests of NLab and intervene only when things get out of hand.
    7. All admin decisions and actions are agreed unanimously. Failure to comply with Admin decisions will lead to punishment…the form of which will depend on the severity of your disobedience.
    8. Infringement of these guidelines/rules will lead to an initial textual spanking, followed by public and private requests to desist. Non-compliance will lead to forced submission. Non-submission leads to temporary and potentially permanent expulsion. Persistent resistance (unless involved in naked wrestling) will lead to being banned from the list. No more cock pics for you!
    9. The Admin Team reserves the right to summarily and permanently remove anyone found severely flouting these guidelines/rules.
    10. Don’t be a cunt. Abuse and bullying will not be tolerated . Though ritual teasing with encouragement of Rob the token straight guy, and our slaves, are highly encouraged. Connecting them both to electro and torturing them is considered particularly appropriate to any member of the Admin Team.
    11. Everyone has a type. And sometimes they are not yours. There is no need to bruise egos. A polite let down, and a ‘sorry you are not my type’ goes a long way.
    12. Likewise, pushiness is not appreciated. If he is not responding, take the hint and leave him alone. There are plenty of other arses to sniff. Also, we are not all glued to our phones. Members have lives and are occasionally too busy shagging to respond.
    13. Virgins and newbies must be aware that:- Your entry to the list is automatically announced by number, not name, by Whatsapp so introduce yourself. You will then be hounded by established list members sniffing out the new meat. It is a good idea to provide a pic or two so we know who you are and to feed their filthy appetites. It won’t stop there. That is when the private messaging starts trying to get you to travel 50 miles for a blow job. Feel free to take advantage of the attention.
    14. A Whatsapp profile pic of some sort is also a good idea. Many people have similar names (5 Bens, 3 Simons, 2 Alans e.g.) and it can be hard to keep track.
    15. We suggest you mute the chat, and turn off auto-download in Whatsapp settings. Not doing so means your partner, mum, boss will be able to hear the 2-300 messages a day the list sometimes generates, and your phone memory will very quickly be used up with all sorts of NSFW bum and cum shots.FYI Whatsapp can also be downloaded and used on your PC.
    16. Whatsapp Posting
      • When you sign up for any whatsapp group, be aware that anything you post is available to the whole group.
        • Any images, videos or texts uploaded, can be downloaded by any member of the group. This also means that they can distribute that data outside the group.
        • NLab takes no responsibility whatsoever for the filth you post within the group. Your choice to display your genitals, fuck vids, dildo experiments, are entirely your own. If some idiot then goes on to use said dildo shots to blackmail or defame you, that is a private matter between you and them. We will of course ban the bastard and support you in trying to regain what little dignity you might have left, but NLab is not legally bound or responsible for the actions of individuals.
    17. The depravity (fun!) of what goes on in NLab, stays in NLab. And that includes the Whatsapp Group. Distribution of images, videos, audio files or text messages from the lab outside of our own whatsapp groups, including screen-shots is punishable by summary removal from NLab. The exception to this is when a hunky policeman asks the Admin Team to provide evidence from the list as part of criminal proceedings. In that case, we have no choice but to hand over any relevant messages and submit to the force of his authority.
    18. All members to remain politically impartial in group. Please refrain from posting political statements or articles. There is a wide range of political views in NLab, but quite frankly, that is best kept on Facebook or Twitter. We’d rather see your cock than your colours.
    19. Often the chat veers onto mental and physical health things. Just be aware that these are sensitive subjects.
      • Politics and Religion are banned subjects. Please do not post about them.
      • Remember that you are not talking only to a couple of friends. There are over 100 guys on the lab groups and they all have access to your messages. Make sure you really are happy sharing before you send or you might create your own shitstorm that we will have to help clear up…
    20. Unless a signed model release form is provided, no pics of non members. When posting pics of others, members or not, you must state that you have permission to do so.
    21. Posting known safe links to sexy pics available online or websites of interest to our community are welcome. However, advertising is not. We are all whores darling, but promoting your own or others’ commercial services is not welcome.
    22. Anyone advertising events in direct competition to NLab events, will be severely whipped.
    23. While we all have our bad days, public whinging is a pain in arse. Share by all means: we are a supportive bunch, but over-sharing should be done in private.
    24. Most members prefer their shit in the toilet and blood in their bodies. Scat and gore pics should not be posted. Find a like minded person on the list and smear your shit over each other in private.

Join NLab and meet like minded people for some fun and social times.
It really is a lovely group. Be good, be respectful, and enjoy yourself.