To attend our xxx club nites, access our adult whattsapp chat rooms and access our xxx club web pages and gallery you need to be a community member.

Membership is free.


When you join say “Hi” so we know your there.

Please be patient as we are a small team of volunteers and we do have day jobs and other commitments but we will get to you.

To keep our community safe one of our team will private message you and ask for some joining info and online proof of age and ID. (See terms and conditions below). This info will stay with our security gateway team and won’t be passed onto the group. We fully understand that some members want to be discreet and this will be respected..

Have fun and get involved we have a great community.

Terms and conditions below

If you don’t have whattsapp you can request to join via our email

Membership Terms and conditions

Gateway validation and data usage

We ask to see a government issued photo ID to verify your age and details.

Once we verify the information, any screenshot, images of original ID are deleted, leaving us the following data..

We store your number, WhatsApp nickname, full name and address in a private members list which is secured on an offline password protected usb device.

You agree to these details being held and used to support events, entry to lab, in case of fire, medical, legal compliance, emergencies and the smooth administration of NLAB.

You agree that the information we have can be passed to authorities (including police and emergency services) if required and in compliance with UK law.

Amendments, new data or removal can be done by you at anytime by emailing

Removal of your data means you can no longer be able to join chat groups or attend NLab events.