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NLab Paws is our group for Pups, Handlers and admirers. NLab Paws Facebook group The Kennel gives a space to explore pup play, share pics, learn more about the pup scene.

Pup play sessions and events are being organized. We have an outdoor event coming up. See lab events page.

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What is Human Pup Play?

Human Pup Play is taking on the role of a puppy. 

Pup play is not necessarily  sexual play, for some it might be, for others, it is a release of the animal instinct.

Pupping Out

Pups enter a mental state called pupping out where they put aside all there human instinct and enter mind of a pup. Living in the moment. Pleasures are simple, toys, food, treats, rewards, love and attention. Pups are inquisitive and playful. They are pack animals and seek attention from other members of the pack.